Had they not arrived … But, they did


To the Editor:

May 14, 2011. So my son says to me, “Hey mom, are ashes good for the compost?” I say sure, and he dumps a whole huge bucket of ashes on the compost.

So, I’m upstairs Saturday afternoon and my guest from New York yells, “What’s that smoke out in front of your house?”

I run downstairs and see my whole front yard fully engulfed in flame and smoke, heading in the direction of the road. I immediately panic, but have the good sense to call 911.

Communications tells me to calm down while I’m simultaneously speaking on the phone and running around like a maniac to get the hose and hook it up. In five minutes, the entire West Tisbury Fire Department — two trucks, the assistant chief, the police, and every volunteer fireman with obviously something better to do — came running to the rescue.

Within minutes, these heroes had the entire fire out.

Had they not arrived when they did, there is no telling what could or would have happened. I’m grateful for their amazing speed and professionalism, while I was standing there inadequately attempting to drown an enormous fire with my garden hose.

Thank you, West Tisbury Volunteer Fire Department.

Mary Gould

West Tisbury