Stolen property probe leads to Edgartown drug arrest


On Thursday, May 12, Edgartown and State Police arrived at 29 Edgewood Drive, armed with a search warrant in connection with an investigation into stolen property. Police found no stolen property, but they did find 3.5 grams of heroin and evidence of a drug-dealing operation, police said.

Edgartown police arrested Kevin McIntyre, 36, of Edgartown, on a charge of possession of heroin with intent to distribute.

They did not arrest Travis Davis, the target of the stolen property investigation and owner of the house.

Police said that stolen property recovered from an earlier housebreak led them to seek a search warrant from Edgartown District Court targeting the Davis house. When police entered the house, according to the police report, Mr. McIntyre was sitting on a couch in front of a large coffee table.

“Directly in front of McIntyre, on the table, was his MA drivers license, a small digital scale, a box of plastic sandwich baggies, and a razor blade,” Detective Sergeant Chris Dolby wrote in his arrest report.

Mr. McIntyre was taken outside the house. State Police Sergeant Jeff Stone found a backpack on a chair. “In the front portion of the back pack was a plastic sandwich bag which contained three individual sandwich bag corners which were cut off, spindled, and knotted,” the report said. “The individual sandwich bag corners contained a tan, powdery substance consistent with heroin,” police said, a half-gram each with a street value of $100.

According to the report, police found a check for $100 “consistent with the obvious packaged distribution amounts of half a gram” written to Mr. McIntyre, from a person not identified in the report released to the press, but described as “a known and admitted heroin user who has been a target of previous drug investigations.”

Det. Sgt. Dolby noted in his report that eight days earlier, police and emergency medical personnel responded to a report of a heroin overdose. After emergency medical treatment, police arrested the overdose victim. According to police, during questioning, the victim told police he bought the heroin from Mr. McIntyre.