I cannot believe I have forgotten to talk about the shark, the Great White Shark, that was spotted off the coast of Aquinnah two weeks ago sniffing around a dead whale. Is it gone? Do we know for sure? Will it be safe to swim or is the shark going to hang around or leave and then come back to feast on the seals that come every summer? And maybe by accident it might take a bite of one of us? I really don’t want to start the summer with shark stress. I am one of those people that saw the movie “Jaws” and have never been the same again. I’m really irrationally terrified of them. Can someone just confirm for me that it’s gone? Please?

Today from 5 to 6 pm at the Aquinnah Library, since the April book discussion group was hampered by the fact that no one but Cathy Thompson had finished the book, the book discussion group will be talking (again) about “Cutting for Stone” by Abraham Verghese. This acclaimed novel by a doctor has fascinating details about life in Ethiopia and the United States.

Also today Tiffany Smalley will be graduating from Harvard University. She is the first Wampanoag to graduate from Harvard since 1665 and she is the first female Wampanoag to graduate from Harvard ever. Congratulations Tiffany! Graduating from Harvard is quite an achievement for anyone, but it is extra special when there is a new road being forged.

The Yoga Collective at Cohousing will be celebrating their first anniversary this Friday with a yoga class/potluck dinner held at the Common House in Co-Housing from 6 to 9 pm. Children are welcome.

The Wampanoag Traditional Games Day will be this Saturday, May 28, up at the Cliffs from 11 am to 4 pm for all the children of Aquinnah, grades Pre-K through 12th grade (rain date: Sunday, May 29). I really wish I was able to go to this. I know I’m not technically in grade school anymore but I would place my ball game playing ability at around the pre-k level, so I think I would qualify. Looking over the list of games I can tell you right now that I would be terrible at toss and catch, but something tells me I would be good at hoop and spear. Just a hunch. Call 508-645-7900 or email for all the details.

Faith’s Seafood Shack is opening this weekend as is the Outermost Inn. Welcome back to Jennifer Cummings, their chef from last year. You can call 508-645-3511 for a reservation.

The Chilmark Tavern opened this week, they will be open Thursday through Monday for the first couple of weeks and then open seven days a week by the end of June. Call 508-645-9400 for reservations.

Welcome back to Irina Gerhard and her daughter, Sasha, who just returned from a long trip to Russia. Husband and father Lang went for part of the trip but came back a couple of weeks ago. I’m tempted to run right over and find out all about the trip, but I’m sure there is some serious jet-lag going on so I’ll wait a little bit.

I saw Cheryl Stark, of CB Stark, last week and on May 28th she will be celebrating her 65th birthday and the 45th anniversary of her store. She asked for her Aquinnah friends (and all of her friends) to stop in and say hello.

Mimi Trimmer celebrated her birthday at the Outermost Inn this past weekend and her husband got Martin Sexton to come and sing happy birthday to her. Mimi was very surprised and happy, and Martin proceeded to play for two hours, which I heard was wonderful.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend everyone and hopefully the weather will be wonderful from here on out.