Hippie Deliveries wants to fill a niche


Hippie Deliveries wants to be the delivery conduit for Islanders who would like to shop at Trader Joe’s in Hyannis but do not want to make the trip. The “personal shopping and courier service” charges a $15 delivery fee and adds a 25-percent markup, according to a press release.

“Trader Joe’s products are astonishingly inexpensive, contain top-notch ingredients, and are scrumptious. The bottom line is: Hippie Deliveries is delivering high quality products directly to your kitchen at about the same price or even less than you’re already paying [on the Island],” owner Tom Stevens said.

He said the company continues to add products and invites Vineyarders to create what he describes as “playlists for foodies.”

For more information call 508-560-0787 or go to hippiedeliveries.com.