Inspections are part of Island-wide revaluation process


Town assessors are currently updating real estate and personal property values in all Island towns so that each town’s assessments can be certified by the Massachusetts Department of Revenue later this year for fiscal year 2012, which begins on July 1, 2011.

“Revaluation of all business personal property is a part of the recertification of all property values,” according to a press release from the Island County Assessors Association. “Some of the towns have hired Real Estate Research Consultants, Inc. (RRC) to carry out the business of personal property revaluation project; others will complete this phase in-house. From now through early June, RRC or assessors’ personnel will visit businesses to list taxable personal property items such as inventory, furniture, and fixtures, and machinery and equipment used in the conduct of business.”

Most of the inspections are expected to be brief and will take only about ten minutes or less, the County Assessors Association said. All town employees as well as employees of RRC will carry identification.

Jo-ann Resendes, Edgartown principal assessor, explained that assessments distribute the tax levy among the taxpayers but do not control the amount of total tax the town collects. She said the assessments are expected to be completed by August at the earliest but most towns would likely finish this fall.

A booklet is available in each town’s assessors’ office that is designed to give taxpayers a brief overview of the duties and responsibilities of the boards of assessors as well as general information about property revaluation. For more information contact your local assessors office: Aquinnah 508-645-2306; Edgartown 508-627-6140; Tisbury 508-696-4206; Oak Bluffs 508-693-3554; Chilmark 508-645-2102; and West Tisbury 508-693-0101.