A fabulous project


To the Editor:

The board, staff, actors, and audiencesof the Vineyard Playhouse are very grateful to our donors, and particularly to the people of Tisburyand the Community Preservation Committee, for their generosity in helping us refurbish the exterior of our classic, 1833, traditional New England meeting-house, in the heart of Tisbury’s William Street Historic District.

Drive by 24 Church Street and feast your eyes on a grand architectural diva, who this winter received a splendid facelift just in time for our robust summer season.

Your playhouse now takes her proper place as one of the most beautiful buildings in Tisbury and an even more wonderful venue for sparkling drama in a truly classic and intimate space. Thanks to all our donors, and special thanks to the people of Tisbury.

A large portion of the funding for this first phase of our capital campaign has come from Community Preservation Act grants. The completed plans for the next phase of our reconstruction are also on display in the playhouse lobby. We are moving toward our goal of $1 million to complete phase one of our capital campaign — the restoration, renovation, and expansion of our historic building.

Next year, our 30th anniversary, we hope to complete this project, so that the town and the Island will have a truly solid and magnificent — inside and out, top-to-bottom — architectural landmark where great theater stimulates and unites our dynamic Island community.

Thanks everybody, and let’s keep the mojo going strong. It’s very exciting and fulfilling to see so many people united behind this fabulous project, an investment in the future of our town and our Island.

Gerry Yukevich


Board of Directors

Vineyard Playhouse

Vineyard Haven