To the Editor:

With whom should I speak, in an attempt to educate and redirect these social prejudices? I’m seeking the individual who writes for “This Week Martha’s Vineyard,” issue 171, [Published by Vineyard Vacations] that is littering the streets of this fine community, in this great land we call America.

May I direct everyone’s attention to the section of this publication that is the nightlife guide. On page 13 of this section, under the heading of Fun and Games, the insolence of the writer, editor, and publisher prints a joke about midgets having sex, two blondes, and a hotel.

I could not believe what I was reading. Pure trash.

I call on all advertisers to stop supporting this publication, as I will blog to educate the masses of what one might be supporting. This story, disgusting and sad.

By the way, 1985 called and asked that you refrain from the “your momma” jokes as well. It’s no wonder that trash publication just litters this beautiful Island.

Margaret Jones

Oak Bluffs