What factors influence your decision to feature an artist?

— File photo by Ralph Stewart

Zita Cousens, Cousen Rose Gallery, 71 Upper Circuit Avenue, Oak Bluffs:

“It’s an interesting and challenging process when deciding which artist to feature.

First, it’s important to consider the artist’s level of skill and professionalism, as well a sense of the artist’s growth potential. What is very exciting is to work with a new and emerging artist and watch them develop; each phase is as important as the next.

Second, sometimes it’s as simple as what catches the eye. For example, when viewing the vast amount of work at the New York Art Expo, I walk the long aisles at a steady pace. Inevitably, there is work that will draw me in. Why? I’m not sure, but when people walk by galleries, what draws them in is personal, and it’s unique to each person.

Third, when organizing a season of exhibits it’s important to present different mediums as well as content. An important factor is to select work that will appeal to my global clientele and the diverse collection of visitors that come to the Island and to the gallery. The gallery offers a broad palate.”