Why the Patriot Act?


To the Editor:

However unpopular, however much we don’t want to believe that rogue elements working within our government conspired to make 9/11 happen, turning our heads and walking away from certain indisputable, agreed-upon facts and evidence cannot make that happen.

In truth — not going there, simply to avoid any anguish and pain, would be more egregious than any such treasonous crime itself. Until such evidence has been addressed formally, officially, rather than dismissed, in denial, the world will not just continue to wonder if the 9/11 Commission Report was a cover-up but will have no choice but to assume that it was.

We’re stuck in the middle: pursue the truth and address it or continue to live with less and less voice, in shame, capitulating to more and more Patriot Act extensions in the future. Based on evidence, 1,500 professional, licensed architects, and engineers have put their names and reputation on the line and have challenged the official report, asking instead for a real, unbiased, independent investigation with subpoena power and testimony under oath and the right to cross-examine.

And why should it not be, for such an event with such massive ramifications? How else can we begin to get to the truth if no pressure has been brought to bear on those still alive today who might otherwise be able to further enlighten us? This group, ae911truth.org, has been joined by other professionals and scholars and scientists. The movement is growing, not going away, only because their questions — good, valid, intuitive questions — are being stonewalled by the very same people in which we have placed our faith to represent us.

Our representatives are there to work for us. They are afraid because we are afraid. It’s time for all Americans to begin to stand up for their own freedom, not continue to count on their neighbors to do it for them. We owe it to ourselves and the next generation, to protect the democracy we have inherited on a golden tray, to become familiar with the many issues and anomalies which have been raised and the evidence that has been summarily dismissed, out of convenience, because it did not match our CIA’s foregone conclusions, from coerced confessions, dictated from the top down in what is actually a very questionable 9/11 Commission Report, filled with more holes than Swiss cheese.

We must stop working for our politicians and their manipulative agendas. That they no longer represent us, voting to extend such preposterous, un-American, unpatriotic acts, is our fault, not theirs. Which side are you on? Do something.

Nick van Nes

West Tisbury