Ideal education experience at Oak Bluffs School


To the Editor:

This is a copy of a letter sent to Carlin Hart, principal of the Oak Bluffs School:

As eighth grade graduation approaches, I am struck with an overwhelming feeling of awe and gratitude. For the last 13 years, our family has been a part of the Oak Bluffs School, and in that time we have experienced many wonderful happenings that have shaped the lives of our three children.

From those first days of kindergarten, singing along while Mrs. Davey played the piano, to the final procession out of the Tabernacle in a few short days, our children have felt nurtured, cared for, and inspired by their teachers and the entire staff at the Oak Bluffs School. We feel so fortunate to have enjoyed the familiarity of a community school where our children felt known and understood and to have benefited from a school large enough to offer choices and access resources that have made our children’s educational experiences ideally suited to their individual styles.

Our children face bright futures, strengthened by the solid foundations that have been formed at the Oak Bluffs School. And while we are all quite excited to see what the next phase will bring, it is with great sadness that we will watch our youngest say goodbye to the school that has been such a big part of our lives for so long.

The kids started naming the teachers and staff who have been important to them over the years, and the list quickly included more than 50 individuals. While their lists included those who have worked with them directly, please share our appreciation and thanks with the whole school. Each and every one at the school has contributed to its achievement, and we are grateful for everyone’s part. We can say beyond a doubt that “we are proud to be from OB.”

Leigh Ann Yuen

Oak Bluffs