Little League action in majors and minors


The Major League-leading Cubs shut out the Cardinals Saturday, 10-0. Lucas Debettencourt hit a two-run homer and added a double. Then the Cubs did it again Tuesday, as Chris Mayhew went 4-for-4 and Jacob Cardoza doubled and tripled.

But it was the Cards who pulled off the defensive gem of the week, an 8-4-2 triple play in the fourth, center to second to home, Murray to Araujo to Sullivan.

Also Saturday, the Cardinals ran away from the Tigers, 13-3. Big blows were a three RBI triple by Louis Neville and a two RBI ground rule double by Nick Bischoff.

Hollis Kelly went 3-for-3 for the Bengals and Mercer Kelly stroked a two-run circuit blast to center.

Monday, the Pirates dropped the Red Sox, 8-5. All of the Pirate runs crossed the plate in the first inning.

Minor League matters

Saturday, the Reds edged the Rockies, 7-6, the Marlins ran off with a 17-1 defeat of the Orioles, and the Twins – Rays game ended in an 11-11 tie. The game was called with bases full of Rays.

The Cubs lead the Majors with a 10-2 record. The Twins, which have yet to lose, but have been tied once, top the Minors at 10-0-1.