Oak Bluffs Police enforce parking limits on Sundays too


The Oak Bluffs Police Department will enforce overtime parking limits Sundays and holidays throughout the summer season. Police issued the reminder at the urging of Dukes County Superior Court clerk of courts Joe Sollitto, who also acts as the hearing officer for disputed parking tickets.

Lt. Tim Williamson said some vehicle drivers have incorrectly assumed parking restrictions are not enforced on Sundays and holidays. He said the town is busy every day in the summer and the rules must be enforced.

On a similar note, Lieutenant Williamson said some vehicle owners incorrectly assume that commercial plates allow them to park in loading zones. He said loading zones are parking areas set aside for short-term use by vehicles when loading or unloading goods in the course of business.

“Unless you are actively loading or unloading goods you will be issued a $25 parking ticket by a police officer or a parking and traffic officer,” he said.