Journey out to the sea in cardboard boxes and duct tape

Adahy Gonsalves and Tjark Aldeborgh set sail in their cardboard boat.

Just keep paddling… Just keep paddling… That was the motto for a lot of Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School students Friday afternoon.

Testing custom-made boats, students in Ken DeBettencourt’s math classes took a day off from textbooks and calculators.

Sophomore Megan Mendenhall explained that the students could only use cardboard boxes and duct tape, but they were not limited in shapes or sizes.

One by one, each student took his or her boat out, and despite the strong wind, many made the leg out to buoy and the leg back safely to the shore.

Although some boats couldn’t quite make it, because of leaks or broken oars, Mr. DeBettencourt reports, students had a lot of fun before starting their final exams.