Oak Bluffs woman injured in riding accident


Lisa Scannell of Oak Bluffs was seriously injured Thursday, June 9, in a riding accident at Bittersweet Farm in Edgartown.

The accident occurred as Ms. Scannell, a well-known riding instructor, rode a horse from the stable to a training ring, while her young niece, Ava BenDavid, 8, who was there for a riding lesson, and her nephew Nicholas, 6, walked alongside on foot. The horse became frightened by another horse and reared.

Ms. Scannell fell from the horse to the ground. The horse lost its footing and fell on Ms. Scannell. The weight of the horse broke Ms. Scannell’s hips and pelvis.

“My daughter had ridden this horse previously,” Gary BenDavid, Ms. Scannell’s brother, said. “They were just doing a normal, daily routine, at 4 pm in the afternoon. My sister saddled the horse in the barn and put her helmet on. Ava was walking with her.”

Mr. BenDavid said another horse came running across a fenced pasture and spooked Ms. Scannell’s horse.

Ava followed her aunt’s instructions and called 9-1-1. She then waited at the end of the road to alert emergency responders.

Ms. Scannell was transferred from Martha’s Vineyard Hospital to Mass General Hospital. She faces a long road to recovery, according to her family.

The family has set up a fund to assist Ms. Scannell. Contributions may be sent to: You’ve Got a Friend, memo: Lisa Scannell, PO Box 1317, West Tisbury, MA 02575.