There was this noxious smell


To the Editor:

I have been keeping silent about Goodale’s pit, but feel I should speak about a recent development. I have lived at 21 Checama Path for 28 years and have not experienced what happened this past Tuesday afternoon.

I spent the afternoon at my home, and for about three hours there was an extremely strong and noxious smell of asphalt in the air. The smell was so strong it made me feel sick. I live about a mile from the site of the asphalt operation. My concern is that I am in an area which is rich in agricultural land and also conservation land.

This strong smell, which I assume was coming fromthe operation at Goodale’s pit, could be producing chemical particulates that are harmful to health of the people breathing them, and the land that is growing food, and perhaps even the water we are drinking. Robert Gray

West Tisbury