To all those who support us

SSG Michael Blake in a photo published in a December 29, 2010, update on Island soldiers.— Photo courtesy of Bertha Blake

To the Editor:

I thank Jo Ann Murphy and everyone else on Martha’s Vineyard who supports not only me but the rest of the soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines, and Coast Guardsman from the Vineyard, who are forward deployed to the various theaters of conflict around the globe. Ms. Murphy sent me various packages and loads of Girl Scout Cookies I was able to share with the scouts in my recon platoon.

We have had a long and at times demanding deployment, from conducting counter IED surveillance along a major highway to training the Iraqi Army day-in and day-out, to even losing two of our own when one of our Iraqi Army students opened fire on our platoon.

I appreciate all the support and well wishes from everyone on the Island and am looking forward to coming home in October. Scouts out!

SSG Michael Blake

Apache Troop 1st Squadron 9th US Cavalry

Mosul, Iraq

(MVRHS Class of 1996)