Cats and Catboats come up winners in men’s softball

Blazers shortstop John Swan fires to first base. — Photo by Ralph Stewart

Men’s Softball scoop

The Men’s Softball co-commisioners Bart Kent and Eric Hatt have ruled all of last week’s games, (the week of the Boston Bruins championship drive) null and void, so the league’s season officially began on Monday at the Tisbury Veterans Park with the Catboats (formerly the Killers) defeat of the Sons of Pitchers, aka S.O.P., 5-4, on a solo homerun by George Hughes in the top of the seventh (final) inning.

The second Monday game, Blazers vs. Wildcats, was a close contest, 9-9 after four innings, that turned into a rout in the fifth when the wild ones scored sixteen runs, enough to trigger the league’s mercy rule with the Wildcats ahead by fifteen, 25-10.

Wednesday the Highlanders and Brewers go at it followed by the Treds and ‘Canes, Thursday features the Canes with the Wildcats in the early game. Later the Highlanders take on the Treds.