Do I have to drown these skunks?


To the Editor:

I am currently sharing my yard and garden area with two tiny baby skunks. They are cute but not cuddly.

They don’t spray yet, but one tried to bite me, and they’re pretty good at fluffing up and charging at me when they’re mad.

The Oak Bluffs Police told me that animal control only deals with domestic animals and to call Walter the skunk man. But, I really don’t need an expert to trap them, I can pick them up anytime I want to, with gloves or something. I just don’t feel comfortable killing them myself, or having someone else kill them. I don’t know what to do.

I don’t want them around, but I don’t want them executed either. The only skunk-deterring tips online are how to drown them properly. I was hoping for maybe a “sprinkle some cayenne pepper around your yard” solution. Until I find a better alternative, they’re getting the hose.

Rose Ryley

Oak Bluffs