More Vineyard furniture makers


Here is a list of more Martha’s Vineyard furniture makers.

Bryan Begley

A trained timber framer who makes custom furniture and sells by word of mouth, Bryan uses all locally felled trees or recycled wood, and everything is hand cut, hand carved, with mortise and tenon joinery, without the use of nails or glue.

“The furniture takes longer, but the result is heirloom quality with a timeless esthetic,” he says. He even finishes his pieces in baby oil to be as gentle as possible and retaining the natural wood colors.

Pieces have ranged from a pair of end tables ($1,000) to a rocking baby cradle, to a 12-person dining room table ($11,000).

508-939-0143 • West Tisbury •

Rich Dunbrack

Rich makes one-of-a-kind, whimsical furniture, folk art, and sculpture from period artifacts, found objects, and salvaged wood. He doesn’t draw anything ahead of time but constructs intuitively from his saved piles as he goes, thus no two pieces will ever be exactly the same. To see samples: or call 508-693-8395 for an appointment.

Martha’s Vineyard Furniture Co.

Combining their interests and expertise, Liz Stiving-Nichols (interior designer), Billy Watterson (environmental consultant), and John Stiving (retired business owner) have created a furniture company that is environmentally friendly, both in the production process and the materials used. They offer high-end items at affordable prices, “tailormade to their clients’ specifications.”

508-693-0722 • at Bespoke Abode • 53B Main Street, Vineyard Haven •

Bill Nash

While some woodworking artists start directly with the wood, Mr. Nash prefers working from a sketch, then finding the wood that best fits his design. The piece evolves as it is shaped and crafted, as each layer that is removed reveals the material’s depth of character.

“One of the big things is to really pay attention and follow the grain, and that can be a little disconcerting sometimes,’ Mr. Nash says, recalling a pair of chairs whose entire grain direction changed with one sweep of the plane.

He is now at work bending wood, using forms and a custom-built boiler. He also intends to explore blacksmithing and metal embellishment.”

Shaw Cramer Gallery, Vineyard Haven

Excerpted from a June 16 article in the MV Times Galleries section by Brien Hefler

Julie Robinson Interiors

Custom made upholstered children’s wing chairs and chaises by Richard Dumas. Custom chairs and couches, built and upholstered by Julie Robinson Interiors. On the second level of the showroom is a consignment shop, which contains a great assortment of one-of-a-kind, fine furniture in myriad design styles such as those built by Stephen Hart.

508-693-5065 • Holmes Hole Business Park, Vineyard Haven •

South Mountain Company

Originally a custom cabinetry shop named South Mountain Woodwork, it’s now a fully equipped woodworking shop that makes cabinets, millwork, and built-ins. They also make custom designed and built furniture and lighting. Most pieces are produced for the houses they build, but they are also available as individual commissions.

508-693-4850 • 15 Red Arrow Road, West Tisbury •