Ospreys invited


To the Editor:

My thanks and gratitude to NSTAR Electric, the town of Edgartown, the Edgartown conservation commission, Augustus D. Ben David 2nd for your support and efforts with the installation of a osprey nest pole on the Gardner Property, Chappaquiddick Island. As our town and Island is transformed back to the 1929‑era, Chappy returns through the efforts of NSTAR Electric, Bay State Piping, and their subcontractors to its earlier life. The trials of this project will be in everyone’s mind for decades to come. Phone wires to fuel tanks to do‑overs, this historic transformation will forever change Chappy living and her opportunities for the future.

Thanks to your cooperation, we hope a pair of osprey will find this project to be worthy of occupying the new, affordable, seasonal residence now standing overlooking the greatest harbor on Martha’s Vineyard.

Thanks again to NSTAR Electric for its support of osprey habitat on Martha’s Vineyard.

Bob Gilkes

Safe Harbor Services