Real identity commenting preferred


To the Editor:

I’m writing to suggest that you change the comment service for articles on

Many news sites are moving toward real identity comment sections, with Facebook integration or other verifiable services. It seems to me that anonymity allows people to be much more rude, crude, and aggressive than they would ever dare to be in public. Anonymous comments tend to make a comment section look more like the scribbles on a bathroom wall than a place for genuine and informed discussion.

If someone does not want their name attached to their opinion on an article, then perhaps that opinion is not meant for the public sphere. A few people on willingly share their name in comments, only to be attacked by anonymous cowards.

The Internet is full of places to anonymously vent, complain, and berate, but a quality news source like The Martha’s Vineyard Times deserves more. I think real identity commenting would greatly improve the discussion and atmosphere of

Ed Cisek

Edgartown and Chicago