Monthly Archives: June 2011

Vineyard jewelers talk trends in jewelry

Trends come and go, but do we as an Island keep up with them or even acknowledge them, especially in the area of jewelry art?

Speaking of trends: Chris Morse of The Granary speaks up

Chris Morse, owner of three Vineyard galleries, talks about trends.

Trends in photography

Photo technology is creating a seismic shift in photographers' art, the effects of which are just beginning to be seen, Island photographers report.

Vineyard artists talk trends in teaching art

Three teachers, who range in age from 70 to barely 30, note the same trend in their classroom: a powerful motivation generating from their students

Father and daughter show at Featherstone

Opening tonight at Featherstone Center for the Arts, the work of boat-builder father and artist daughter, Rick and Emme Brown.

Kara Taylor: Paintings with spirit

Gallery owner Kara Taylor is intense, complicated, spiritual and, she'll admit, unpredictable.

Nature’s Elements at Louisa Gould Gallery

At Louisa Gould Gallery: Christopher Pendergast and Maya Farber's paintings, Jeanne Campbell's photos, and Ron Sievertson's glass work.

Happenings at Island art galleries

What's going on at L'Elegance, Granary, Shaw Cramer, Featherstone, and Simon galleries.

Heather Capece’s Neverland at West Tisbury Library

Heather Capece's art work is being featured this month at the West Tisbury Public Library.

Garden Notes: Summer settles in for Martha’s Vineyard gardeners

Vegetable gardeners shift to nurturing maturing plants and planning for fall crops. Roses need attention, too, and watch out for invasives.