All you can hear: free local music in Alley Park in Oak Bluffs

Rob Myers, with help from Michelle Jones, organized the Free Fest. Here he demonstrates the spin move he used to introduce several musicians. — Photo by Susan Safford

The initial conceit was of a mid-summer fundraiser, either for WVVY, the Island’s low-power FM community radio station, or for the Dukes County Fishermen’s Association. When neither of those ideas panned out, Rob Myers and Michelle Jones decided just to go ahead and have a concert anyhow, to showcase some good local music and musicians, live and outdoors, during the summer.

The result was the first Free Fest, held in Dennis Alley Park on Saturday in Oak Bluffs from 4 to 8 pm. The early hours meant that families with young children would have a chance to check it out, and musicians with paid gigs later in the evening wouldn’t be shut out. And they wouldn’t need lights.

Ms. Jones said that they hoped to hold similar musical fests once a month as long as the weather holds.

Players included Rob Myers, Mike Martin, the Swamp Angels, Willy Mason (with brother Sam), Adam Lipsky, Ben Jones, Nico Ewing, Adam Lipsky, Milo Silva, Marciana Jones, and DJ Di, among others.