July 4th frolic lands couple in jail

— Photo by Yoojin Cho

A Pittsburgh man and a Boston woman with apparently too much libido and not enough discretion landed in jail on July Fourth.

At 2:30 am, Oak Bluffs police officers Jeff Trudel and Damien Harris responded to a report “of a couple having intercourse in the roadway.”

The manager of a rental car company reported to police that the couple was having sex in the parking lot behind the Dreamland building that once housed the Ocean Club and a game arcade.

According to the police report, the manager “was concerned that one of the Mini-Coopers could possibly be damaged because the couple was having sex on the hood of the car.”

According to the police report, the late night frolic began in the nearby Sand Bar and Grill on the harbor, where the couple was asked to leave. “They were getting it on, on the dance floor,” the report quoted one employee.

The police officers arrived at the parking lot, flashlights in hand. “I illuminated the vehicle and witnessed a pair of women’s cut-off jeans shorts turned inside out on the hood of the car,” Officer Trudel wrote. “A baseball cap was on the ground adjacent to the car. I then illuminated the area and witnessed a trail of men’s and women’s clothing leading to the stairwell which continues to the second story landing behind Dreamland.”

Officer Trudel followed the trail up the stairs with his flashlight to the second story landing, where he saw Akil A. Henderson, 29, of Pittsburgh and Aziza Robinson, 24, of Boston in flagrante.

Officer Trudel looked around to see if anyone else had observed the couple. He saw a man he knew and asked him how long he had been standing there. The witness, unidentified in the police report, “stated he had been watching both parties for approximately 15 minutes … he said that the couple started on the hood of the Mini-Cooper and proceeded up the stairs to the balcony. … Sounded like she was getting beat because she was screaming so loud.”

Officer Trudel wrote in his report, “I thanked him for his time and returned to Officer Harris’s location.

Confronted by police, the couple was indignant. “Robinson and Henderson were being loud, laughing and joking about the incident,” the report said. Officer Harris said it was not a joking matter. “Yes it is,” they said, according to the report.

The laughing stopped when police said they were to be placed under arrest for disorderly conduct and indecent exposure. Ms. Robinson resisted the efforts of police to place her in handcuffs and place her in the patrol car, police said.

Officer Trudel said he attempted to push Ms. Robinson’s feet into the cruiser. He wrote, “She cocked back her right leg and quickly extended it striking her right heel into my face.”

Police added resisting arrest and assault and battery on a police officer to Ms. Robinson’s list of charges.

“A check of the area revealed a pair of high heels, a pair of women’s underwear, and a pair of men’s underwear strewn across the parking lot,” police said. The couple spent the rest of the night in jail.