Kind, capable, and honest


To the Editor:

I have known Mike Trusty for nine years. He worked for me at my seasonal house in Edgartown. I am a member of the Georgia state bar and a former judge. I trusted Mike and gave him access to my home to do work even when I was not there. He was kind, capable, honest, and always happy to be a resident of the Island.

He used the machete to clear underbrush on several occasions. The only expression of unhappiness revolved around getting to see his children. He lovedthe kids and brought them along when he did work for me during visitation. They demonstrated reciprocal love for him.

I can’t imagine him committing an act of violence except in self defense or defense of his kids. The very notion that he had that machete with him to harm someone is patently absurd. He used it for his work.

Only after reading the MV Times Sunday on line did I find out what happened to this good man. I am heartsick at what happened to him.

Barbara LeBey

Edgartown and Atlanta