The music dies


To the Editor:

After Memorial Day, I had written asking “Who Killed the Music?” I now know who did the killing, it is Peter Bradford of Lobsterville Grill.

Peter Bradford, a former employee of the Sandbar, has indicated that the live music at the Sandbar has caused a negative impact to his business, in that his patrons can not enjoy their dinner in peace due to the noise level.

I was down at the harbor this past Saturday afternoon visiting the Sandbar. While the music played, it wasn’t the same experience as having Mike Benjamin or another local band there. Upon leaving, I walked by Lobsterville and noticed plenty of empty seats.

Who does Peter Bradford think he is really hurting? Not the Sandbar; the Sandbar has Smitty and other great staffers. He is hurting Island musicians and perhaps his own business.

I will purposefully not go to the Lobsterville Grill, as I believe that his actions are those of a former employee that has a personal vendetta.

Ellen Duncan