An evening dedicated to food, art and music

Musicians from New England Conservatory provided live music for the entire evening. — Photo by Yoojin Cho

On a warm Saturday evening, many artists, residents and tourists walked up and down Dukes County Avenue with appetizers in one hand and brochures in the other while going from one gallery to the next.

The Oak Bluffs Art Stroll gave these visitors an opportunity to mingle with artists and ask questions about their work. The event also provided live music performed by the New England Conservatory of Music Gospel Choir from Boston.

This year, the Art Stroll invited not only well-known Island artists, but also visiting artists to showcase their work. As a result, the Stroll boasted a wide collection of masterpieces, ranging from an oil painting to an abstract sculpture.

Watch the video for a brief interview with Michael Johnson, a photographer from Oak Bluffs who travels widely for his work, and with Kevin Box, a sculptor from Santa Fe, New Mexico.