The Land Bank contributes to inner peace


To the Editor:

Coming back from a lovely long walk with my daughter and her dog through the Pennywise Land Bank Preserve, I decided that it is high time that I express my appreciation and gratitude to the Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank for making so many nature walks available to local citizens and visitors alike.

When I bought my house here, oh so many years ago, there were woods at the end of my street, which was nice as far as it went. But then, shortly afterwards, the Land Bank cleared a large meadow and created many paths through the woods and grassland. I don’t even have to take my car to where I can go for a walk.

For an old lady like me, who is supposed to walk in the fresh air as much as possible and who isn’t terribly enthusiastic about walking along the road next to summer traffic, it is a godsend to be able to walk for an hour in a beautiful and peaceful landscape, usually without seeing another human soul.

With the outside world in such turmoil, we can all be grateful for this chance to regain some inner peace whenever we have time.

Brigitte Lent