Misbehavior math – six arrests of five people in Oak Bluffs


Oak Bluffs police arrested five people, one of them twice, while responding to 78 calls over the weekend.

Late Friday police arrested Zachary S. Ritchie on two outstanding warrants. Police say Mr. Ritchie gave them a false name and presented false identification when first questioned.

In the early morning hours of Saturday, July 9, police arrested Semen Gladkoskok, 23, of Quincy. He will face charges of operating under the influence of alcohol and driving without headlights.

Later Saturday, police arrested Brian C. Martin, 33, of Oak Bluffs on an outstanding warrant.

In the early morning hours Sunday, police responded twice to a house on Carol Avenue. On the second trip, officers arrested Joseph Dowd, 20, of Clinton for disturbing the peace and possession of a fake I.D.

Late Sunday, they arrested Ashley Lapriore, 20, of East Brookfield after a report of a larceny at the Sand Bar. Police said she had another patron’s wallet in her possession when arrested.

Early Monday morning, police arrested Mr. Martin for a second time, outside the Lampost. He will face charges of indecent exposure.