Watch for new parking signs on Tisbury’s Main Street


Be on the lookout for new parking signs on Vineyard Haven’s Main Street in the next week to 10 days, warns department of public works Fred LaPiana.

Following a public hearing on May 17, the Tisbury selectmen voted to extend the parking limits on Main Street from one hour to two. They also agreed to limit some spaces to 30 minutes to help businesses with more frequent customer turnover. Until the new signs are installed, however, the time limits on the signs now posted remain in effect.

Mr. LaPiana said the signs for the short-term parking spaces will be installed first. The five half-hour parking spaces are interspersed along Main Street from the intersection with State Road up to Church Street. Two will be located to the south of Spring Street before the cross walk, one to the north of Centre Street, and two to the north of Church Street.

Mr. LaPiana said although the new signs arrived last week, their installation was scheduled after Tisbury’s Street Fair because the work involves drilling holes in the sidewalk for additional posts.