Video: From one generation to the next, passing down the tradition

Fried dough was one of the most popular items. — Photo by Yoojin Cho

Saturday, the Portuguese-American (P-A) Club kicked off the Holy Ghost Festival weekend with fried dough, music, and face painting.

At the club headquarters in Oak Bluffs, volunteers set up various booths, offering anything from henna tattoo stations to auction tables, for its annual Feast of the Holy Ghost.

Many volunteers said they have been working the feast for many years, not only because of their Portuguese heritage, but also because of the festival’s long history. Often, many began volunteering because their parents had been part of the P-A Club for years, and in fact, they started helping out at the feast at an early age.

In the video, George Santos Sr. and Caitlyn Parkhurst talk about why they volunteer.

More information on the roots of this festival here.

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