Edgartown Police crack down on underage drinking


The Edgartown Police Department reported violations by six establishments to the selectmen after a three-pronged underage alcohol enforcement operation July 15.

Al’s Package Store, Henry’s bar at the Harbor View Hotel, Sharky’s, Sophia’s Market, the Newes from America Pub at the Kelley House Hotel, and the Wharf Pub failed the compliance checks.

“Our goal is to work closely with these establishments and achieve a much better success rate the next time around,” Detective Sergeant Chris Dolby said in a press statement.

Officers made arrests and issued summonses for offenses at South Beach, liquor stores, and establishments that serve alcoholic beverages.

Based on reports of underage drinking at South Beach, and the concerns of the Martha’s Vineyard Youth Task Force, uniformed and plainclothes police officers were assigned to monitor activity at the beach last Friday. Their observations led to four arrests and five summonses for minors in possession of alcohol.

Other officers assigned to monitor activity in and around Edgartown liquor stores issued two summonses for a minor transporting and a minor procuring alcohol using false identification, and two $500 citations for consuming from an open alcoholic beverage container while in a vehicle.

The operation’s objectives are to enforce underage alcohol laws, deter underage alcohol consumption, and educate people under the age of 21 and employees who sell and serve alcoholic beverages about laws regarding alcohol, according to Detective Sgt. Dolby.