The wrong spot for a monument


To the Editor:

Our selectmen have voted to move the little known war memorial from it’s somewhat obscure site at the triangle across from Whiting’s Pond to the West Tisbury Town Hall. I feel this is such a great idea I have volunteered my time and equipment to make the move.

However, the site they have chosen at the town hall, I feel, is inappropriate, because it is under a large holly tree. I feel it should be placed near the flag that these veterans fought and died for. We have a beautiful flag pole sitting in an area much more suitable for a monument. Also, there is room for additional monuments, or a monument for all the other veterans, since 1945 to present. Also I have heard talk about a fallen firefighters monument.

I am not a vet myself, but I have great respect for those who have fallen and those who have survived.I am looking for support for this, if you would please write, call, or email the selectman’s office .Thank you for your support.

Richard T. Olsen

West Tisbury Ma.