Camping with Bear, Doggy, Buddy and many more fluffy friends

Landon and Fletcher MacArthur brought Fluffy and New Doggy for the camp out. — Photo by Yoojin Cho

“Good night, Fluffy!”

“Panda doesn’t need a blanket…”

“Mr. Seal is only a baby.”

Even at the last minute, children at Oak Bluffs Library shouted out care instructions for their beloved stuffed animals as Librarian Sondra Murphy started getting ready for Stuffed Animal Camp Out.

Thursday evening, the library invited kids to drop off their stuffed animals for a sleepover night, during which Ms. Murphy and her co-worker, Garrett Allen, took pictures of stuffed animals participating in typical sleepover activities. Then the next morning, the children returned to pick their friends up and eat breakfast together.

Throughout the evening, Ms. Murphy posted pictures on Facebook of bears, puppies, and even Kermit reading books, playing hide and seek, and making s’mores. And for many kids, this assured them that their fluffy friends were indeed safe at the library.

Ms. Murphy said kids love this event because “they like to play make-believe, and stuffed animals are their precious friends.”

For many children, this was the first time they were ever separated from their teddy bears or penguins. Lisa MacArthur, mother of Landon and Fletcher, said, this could be a good preparation for her sons to actually have sleepovers soon.

By letting the stuffed animals camp out at the library, children learned to be independent and be away from their “best friends” for one night.

Ms. Murphy said, “Bringing the stuffed animals here teaches [the kids] to let go.”

Watch the video for interviews with Sondra Murphy and kids and parents who brought stuffed animals for the sleepover.

More pictures from the Camp Out here on Oak Bluffs Library Facebook Page.