Farewell to Roger


To the Editor:

I had the pleasure and honor to have known Roger Ross and worked with him house painting for six years. Roger Ross had a massive heart attack and died lastmonth at 73 years old. Or should I say young?

I’ve never known an old fella with so much energy. Scraping, sanding, painting, and climbing up and down 16-foot ladders every day would not faze him, but likesome old veteran sailors, after the day’s sail, their youthful social habits finally catch up with them. He enjoyed his life and lived it to the full extent.

Roger was in the Marine Corps and served as a commander at the local VFW, where he was well liked and respected. My father was a Marine, and shortly afterhe died, I met Roger. Roger’s good sense of diplomacy, tact, humor, and integrity were reminiscent of my dad’s. Roger became kind of like my second Dad.

Roger’s mother is 90 years old. She is physically energetic and mentally sharp. She, his family, and I will be a few of many that will miss Roger greatly.

Peter Pfluger

Vineyard Haven