Sources of pollution?


To the Editor:

I found it odd that in the two articles and editorial that appeared in the Vineyard Times of July 21, about beach closures due to high bacteria levels found in the water, there was no mention of possible sources of contamination.

I and all the Islanders that I’ve spoken with are extremely concerned about that missing piece of information. As a result, there are some theories and rumors abounding as possible causes as well as suspicion of why this information was not addressed.

Could it be boats dumping septic waste in our waters? (And what are the rules about that anyway?) Or septic waste seeping from waterfront homes? Or heavy rains washing waste into water?

Why weren’t these questions and more brought up in the reports? Where are our investigative reporters?

If we don’t deal with the source(s) of the contamination, it will only get worse, with a possible dangerous outcome not only to our Island’s health and beauty, but to our own wellbeing and right to enjoy living here.

The newspaper can help us tackle the problem by providing us with information and help protect the Island residential and business community as a whole, and not just a few.

Basia Jaworska Silva

Vineyard Haven

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