Your help needed


To the Editor:

I would love to talk about how Lisa Scannell, known to many as Lisa BenDavid, is a dedicated member of the Martha’s Vineyard equine community, about how her passion and discipline is contagious, or how knowledge of all things horse-related is never ending. But none of this is news to anyone. Anyone who knows Lisa knows that’s she is a strong, driven individual who never cuts her students any slack in training them to be the best horse people that they can be.

If you have ever ridden with lisa you know that she is tough. She’s brought me to tears once or twice, but for every bit of tough that she is, she is twice as compassionate. A little less than 10 years ago, my sister and I had an equine emergency. No questions asked, for the following 24 hours Lisa was by our sides for anything we needed. We lost our horse that night under controversial circumstances, but Lisa was there through the whole ordeal.

Lisa is currently enduring her own equine-related ordeal. After an unfortunate accident and a critical surgery, Lisa is left recovering. Not only is Lisa an asset to our equine community, but I consider her my mentor and friend. I am certain that I speak for many when I say I would not be the horse person I am today without her influence and guidance.

If you would like to make a tax deductible donation for Lisa BenDavid Scannell, send it to You’ve Got A Friend Inc., with her name in the memo line, P.O. Box 1317, West Tisbury, MA 02575.

Martha Vancour