Monthly Archives: July 2011


Stay cool at the Vineyard Haven Library.


Summer is really in high gear now.


I wish I could list off all of the wonderful people who have wandered through the Texaco door over the last month and mentioned having read my column.

Martha’s Vineyard beach water testing proves accurate

Though the source of bacteria that close beaches is still a mystery, state and local officials say controlled tests show lab results are accurate.

Budget cutting ideas plentiful, agreement scarce in Oak Bluffs

Oak Bluffs officials have a list of cost cutting and revenue generating ideas. Translating ideas into reality will be the hard part.

No lien, no interest on late sewer bill for former OB...

Kerry Scott's long overdue wastewater bill was treated differently than other customers, according to town records.

Use of parking lot is a hot topic for Tisbury firefighters

Tisbury parking is a hot topic for firefighters who are unhappy about people using the spaces behind their firehouse.

Frank Hebert, charged with assault on child molester, nixes deal

Mr. Hebert said he whacked an accused child molester with a Louisville Slugger so police could apprehend him.

Vineyard Auto School now steered by Neal Maciel and Mike Dellis

The new owners of Vineyard Auto School, former police officers Neal Maciel and Mike Dellis, have experience on both sides of the steering wheel.

Martha’s Vineyard and white sharks linked in fiction not fact

Discarded fishing line is a hazard for reincarnated fishermen known as fish hawks. Ignore that fact and you could come back as a cuttlefish.