Hitting below the belt


To the Editor:

Why would the MV Times print a front page article about Kerry Scott’s supposedly unpaid Wastewater bill for $508 (July 28, “No lien, no interest on late sewer bill for former selectman Kerry Scott)?

Why not print the truth? Ms. Scott’s bill was $508, including interest and penalties. She thought it was being escrowed by her mortgage company, and when she realized it wasn’t, she made payment arrangements with the tax collector. Isn’t this what should happen? Why would someone be crucified for that?

There are a few people who hate Ms. Scott, including The MV Times, who are out to destroy her for bringing the truth to light, and you know who you are. These people are still threatened by her.

Why hurt Ms. Scott when all she ever wanted to be was the best she could be for the town of Oak Bluffs? She is a woman who, when in office, tried to straighten things out and make things right for all of us.

I’ll tell you why. This is payback for daring to question wastewater plant manager Joe Alosso’s $18,000 raise and asking why Oak Bluffs is now paying the Alosso medical insurance instead of Edgartown. She reminded us that his deal with Oak Bluffs was not supposed to be full‑time or have benefits. She also dared to question his performance.

Mr. Alosso’s raise was done behind closed doors, Mr. Dutton’s closed doors, without the knowledge of either the wastewater commissioners or the selectmen. Would anyone really expect Ms. Scott to not bring it out? Isn’t this what she’s all about?

Ms. Scott felt this was irresponsible, and now she’s being thrown to the wolves.

And that, my friends, is the good old boys at work.

The MV Times could be investigating all the other things that have gone wrong in Oak Bluffs. If they were real journalists, they might uncover some very interesting facts and, in the end, thank Ms. Scott for all that she gave for the town. But they won’t do that because they prefer smut over facts, hitting below the belt instead of reporting the truth.

Janice Rose

Oak Bluffs