I support Frank


To the Editor:

One might wonder why some people may thumb their noses at the law. Then you read the article in last week’s Times about Frank Hebert (July 28, “Frank Hebert won’t deal on felony charge”).

I cannot believe that the district attorney’s office has nothing better to do than waste taxpayer money, to force Frank Hebert to waste his money and time for doing what he should have done.

The man needs to be recognized and supported for his actions, not ridiculed and judged.

Damn it, he prevented an accused child molester from leaving his store, giving the police, whom he had called, enough time to respond. So he hit the man with a bat in the arm. He did this all from the confines of his wheelchair.

I support Frank Hebert for doing the right thing. I support Frank Hebert for doing what doctors said he couldn’t. He stood up. He stood up to protect those who could not protect themselves.

Walter Hammond

Oak Bluffs