No more shark tourney


To the Editor:

Upon seeing the disturbing image of the dead shark hanging from a hook in last week’s paper covering the monster shark tournament (July 28, “Oak Bluffs shark tournament chums up a monster crowd”), my two young sons were truly horrified and saddened and wanted to write to the newspaper. Honestly, I don’t even have words for the outrage and shame I feel about this sport tournament, but this is not my letter to the editor, it is theirs, and what follows is a verbatim dictation from them to you.

“Don’t do the killing festivals anymore. Because it’s nonsense and because why do you want to kill monster sharks? I saw a picture of a dead shark hanging up in a newspaper, so don’t do that anymore. Do I make myself clear? The way I felt when I saw it, it made me feel sad. The reason why it made me feel sad is because why did you even invent the monster shark tournament? What do you think we should be doing to sharks? Exactly, saving them. The reason why I wanted to write this down in the paper is because it’s not good to kill sharks. Because they are harmless sea creatures.” — Jack Holmes, age 6

“Most sharks attack people because they think they are seals and food. And they’re very shy of humans, so there is no need to go up to them and start killing them. If you start killing them, that basically leaves no sharks in the ocean and if there’s no sharks in the ocean there can be bad things happening. The monster shark tournament makes me feel like I’ve just seen a person hanging with blood all over it because that’s basically the same thing as a dead shark. It’s not good for people to see things like that because sometimes little kids can get scared and have nightmares, and it also makes other people think they should join in and start killing sharks. And because sharks are not really creatures that like to eat humans. Sharks mostly eat fish. And what you should be doing to sharks is saving them, not killing them.” — Foreste Holmes, age 7

Maybe it’s time to learn from the humanity of children?

Annie Holmes

Vineyard Haven