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To the Editor:

Watching the two victims of a bicycle-to-bicycle wipeout Monday, in Katama on the right fork path, get attended to and then whisked off to the hospital, it reminded again of the need for cyclists of all levels to stay reasonable and use prudent caution.

Sure enough, one of the two riders was a “bike shark” speed rider in full black regalia, while the other young woman involved looked to be a typical slower-speed recreational rider in street clothes.

Having myself seen numerous of the fast “sharks” always in the garb, whip through intersections with sidestreets all summer, often not even slowing down to look for approaching vehicles or other cyclcists feeding out onto the path, it seems a wonder there aren’t even more such accidents as this one.

The main takeaway is, to the “sharks,” that these Island bikepaths are not the autobahn. They tend to be congested with riders of all levels, and slowing down for other riders and at intersections, while maybe less macho, is not an option. And the loping, casual riders also need to be more heads-up and stay to the right, something frequently not being adhered to.

Just like on the road, rules apply, and keeping to the right, as well as chilling the speed when indicated, will help prevent serious wipeouts like the one Monday.

Geoff Allan


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