A vote for good information


To the Editor:

I just returned home from the Chilmark Film Festival screening of “Page One: Inside the New York Times.” My first action upon stepping through the door was to go to the NY Times website and become an online subscriber.

In this day and age of tabloid journalism and sensational TV news soundbites, I feel that it is imperative that an institution like the Times survive and be supported by America. Rather than exactly who is holding office at the moment, it is far more important to our democracy to have the information of the Times, and a select few other institutions, unbiased investigative reporting of the world and our role in it.

Therefore my “political” vote tonight is a membership in the Times. Every dollar we spend is a vote in support of an item or an action and all that lies behind that. If we become more conscious of exactly what we are supporting with our purchases, we can take more individual personal responsibility for the outcome.

So, if I want access to real information that I feel I can trust then I must support it with my vote. Not to say that I unquestionably believe the Times to be the whole truth and nothing but the truth, but a good source of information, most of the time, to shape my own world view based upon it.

So my thanks to the filmmakers and the Film Society for their time and presentation and for making me think a little bit more tonight about what I want to be able to access online, besides the MV Times and Gazette.

Beth McElhiney

West Tisbury