MV Book Festival interview series: Alison Shaw

— Photo by Yoojin Cho

Landscape, people or food… No matter the subject, Photographer Alison Shaw has stories to tell about all of her projects.

In the last few years, Ms. Shaw worked with writers and publishers on a few different kinds of books, and on Sunday, at the Martha’s Vineyard Book Festival, she will talk about two of her books, Schooner and Photographing Martha’s Vineyard.

For Schooner, Ms. Shaw teamed up with Author Tom Dunlop and documented the process of building a wooden boat, “Rebecca,” at Gannon & Benjamin Marine Railway. Mr. Dunlop wrote the story, and Ms. Shaw took pictures that portray every single detail of the boat.

Her newest book, Photographing Marths’ Vineyard, for which she actually wrote the copy, displays some of her favorite spots on the Island and shows off the beauty of this place.

In the video interview, she talks in depth about these two books and some of the cookbooks she has published.