Hugely successful


To the Editor:

In the aftermath of a sold out, hugely successful “Evening with David McCullough” at the Agricultural Hall Wednesday, July 20, the West Tisbury Library Foundation thanks Mr. McCullough for his deeply engaging presentation based on his new book, “The Greater Journey.”

We are indebted to Mr. McCullough in many ways: for this evening’s benefit for the foundation, for his championing of the West Tisbury Library expansion and the fundraising campaign, as honorary chairman of the foundation, and for his and Mrs. McCullough’s unfailing generosity to the library, now and in years past.

Like so many programs and events that enrich the Island, this was a community-wide event and would not have been possible without the volunteer and donated support of many establishments and individuals. To the donors, supporters, backers, and fans — listed individually in our earlier notice in this paper — whose generous sponsorship donations allowed us to offer Mr. McCullough and the audience a fully equipped and professionally staged event, our grateful thanks.

We also extend warm thanks to the scores of volunteers whose work and contributions were essential to the success of the evening. Many of them have also been acknowledged in these pages. We are deeply appreciative of the efforts of each one of them.

“An Evening with David McCullough” capped a momentous few days in which the library was also named as recipient of a $2.9 million dollar state grant for the library expansion. The foundation must help put up matching funds and has a $2 million fundraising goal (for which we will sponsor several other events throughout the summer and fall). The success of this evening will help greatly in meeting our goal.

Again, to Mr. McCullough and all who made this event possible, as well as everyone who enjoyed it from a seat in the audience, we send our sincerest thanks.

Hunter Moorman


West Tisbury Library Foundation