Surprise! A flash mob at the Chilmark Public Library

Madeline walked into the Chilmark Public Library after dancing and singing with the children at the community center. — Photo by Yoojin Cho

In her navy dress and a yellow hat, Madeline walked down the stairs to a big group of smiling and cheering kids as they sang, “Bonjour, Madeline! Bonjour Madeline!”

At the Chilmark Community Center, well-known children’s book character Madeline greeted boys and girls anywhere from ages one to six. For the kids, it was a nice surprise to meet Madeline in person, but something even more exciting waited for them at the Chilmark Public Library.

Singing “Oh Madeline… Oh Madeline…” Librarian Kristin Maloney led Madeline and friends to the library after a short meet and greet session at the community center, and there, a few of those in on the secret busted out dancing and singing.

This flash mob invited everyone to join in and simply have fun with Madeline’s during her short visit.