Chilmark Police arrest nurse for writing own prscriptions


Following a brief investigation that began with an unrelated theft investigation, Chilmark police Saturday arrested Maureen M. Murray, a registered nurse, for unlawfully obtaining controlled substances by writing prescriptions for three people without proper authorization of a physician.

On August 12, Chilmark detective Jeff Day applied for and was granted a warrant by the Edgartown District Court clerk magistrate, who found probable cause to believe that Ms. Murray had violated drug laws.

According to the police report, Ms. Murray admitted that she wrote three prescriptions on pads she took from the office of Dr. Stuart Kendall, a physician employed by the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital, where she formerly worked on a per diem basis.

One was for an asthma inhaler for her mother, one was for 60, 5-milligram tablets of the pain-killer Oxycodone for an ex-boyfriend, and one was for a prescription antibiotic for another ex-boyfriend, according to the report.

“All three of these people received controlled substances from a doctor whom they had not consulted, nor been evaluated by,” Detective Day wrote in his report. “They did not get an evaluation nor a follow-up visit after treatment.”

Ms. Murray has worked as a per diem nurse for the Vineyard Nursing Association since June. She is currently suspended pending disposition of her case, Bob Tonti, executive director, said.