And, for the Edgartown Library


To the Editor:

Many thanks to the generous patrons and all who attended the Edgartown Library Foundation’s Third Annual Legacy of Learning Event, held recently at The Boathouse Field Club in Katama.

The Edgartown Library Foundation’s mission is to raise funds for the library’s programs and services, to raise awareness of all that the library offers, and to encourage the participation of the community in the various activities of our town’s library.

Money raised at this event adds to the annual fund, which underwrites library programs, such as this summer’s popular music series. The Wish List, shared with all attendees at the event, outlined specific materials, supplies, programs, and improvements that the staff of the library know would enhance the experience of all patrons of the library and which are not included in the library’s annual budget. A number of these “wishes” will come true, thanks to the generosity of the patrons, friends, and guests at the event.

This year’s honoree, Edo Potter, was recognized for her years of dedicated service to the Island and its people, and we were delighted that so many of her family and friends were on hand to acknowledge her as a great citizen, conservationist, former Edgartown selectman and friend. We thank her, as well, for being a strong supporter of the Edgartown Library.

And thanks to the Edgartown Elementary School participants in this year’s essay contest; the theme of which was: “If I were the Edgartown Library, I would be …”

The grand prize winner, Joseph Pinto, read his essay (it’s on display at the library) to the audience and was presented with a Netbook computer. The winner in grades 4-6 was Alexis Condon, and the winner in grades 1-3 was Marjorie Pendergraft. We applaud them for their thoughtful efforts, and some of their ideas may be a part of the new library that Edgartown is hoping to build in the near future.

Legacy of Learning would not be possible without the generous support of our patrons, the Boathouse Field Club, the hard work of the members of the Edgartown Library Foundation and its event coordinator, Danielle Pendergraft, and the many generous donors of the silent auction and raffle items. Our sincere thanks to you all.

Next on our calendar is the annual Frankly We Love the Library event. This popular, fun time is held at the Katama Airport on Labor Day and is being jointly hosted by the Edgartown Library Foundation, the Edgartown Friends and the Trustees of the Edgartown Library. Mark your calendar and join us for this laid-back, end of summer celebration because Frankly, We Love the Library.

Susan L. Cahoon


Edgartown Library Foundation