Mariner Samaritan


To the Editor:

Last week during a wind shift, the anchor rode fouled the anchor of Crowflite and made it so that the anchor could not reset. The boat, which is our home of many years, dragged down through a small moored fleet and would have been grounded but for the prudence and quick action on the part of some able mariner.

When I returned from work, I found the boat well secured to a mooring ball with one of my dock lines. I am sure this was not an easy feat for someone improvising on the go on a strange yacht.

I thank that mariner for the quick action and positive assistance. It might well have saved our home and certainly prevented a very bad situation. Be assured I will return the favor in kind when an opportunity arises. Thanks again for your precipitous action.

Seaver Jones

M/V Crowflite

Vineyard Haven Harbor