A planner’s view of summer drivers


To the Editor:

I am not a cop. I do not work for Verizon. I am a transportation intern with the Martha’s Vineyard Commission.

The reason I’m outside all over the Island is for traffic counting. I am here because every year the state of Massachusetts requires regional planning agencies (MVC on the Vineyard) to conduct traffic counts to see the increase or decrease in traffic flow for the year.

I get to do the grunt work, putting down those black tubes in the street, or sitting by the side of the road from 7 am until 6 pm, pushing buttons on a little computer for whichever way a car moves through the intersection.

I have noticed people slow down when they see me, thinking I have a radar gun or something, and prudently put on their seatbelt. I do not have the authority to do anything in particular, though I sometimes wish I did.

Put down the cell phone, wear a seatbelt, and put out those cigarettes pretty girls with soft-top Jeeps (you know who you are).

From my observations, the worst drivers on-Island are from New Jersey, but Connecticut is in a close second (you guys worked hard for it). I’m lucky to have this position and be here for the summer. The Islanders are the best. Much thanks to them and this wonderful place. Congratulations for surviving another summer.

For the record, I am a planner, I am not a cop.

Mike Flanary

Tisbury and Acton